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What Our Customers Think

 "I loved my session with Carolyn, I got so much more than I expected. So grateful."


Prabha Mishra

"Carolyn is just amazing! I always feel 100%

better after our sessions!She has a gift for understanding people and what they are going through, cannot recommend her enough!"


Chloe G

"Thank you Carolyn! Great group of sessions, certainly cleared up a few concerns and issues that I had with work and my personal life.

I highly recommend Carolyn Gill Kinesiology, and thank you again for your help."


Nigel Wraight

"I had an amazing kinesiology session with Carolyn. I was feeling so stressed and overwhelmed when I arrived at my session, but I left feeling so much lighter and calmer.I will definitely be returning for more sessions. I thoroughly recommend Carolyn Gill Kinesiology."

Denise Lister

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