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Carolyn Gill Kinesiology

Kinesiology, Past Life Regression and Card Readings

 Face to Face Sessions now available at my Berwick ClinicOnline Sessions available via zoom

Meet Carolyn

At Carolyn Gill Kinesiology I use Kinesiology, Past Life Regression Therapy and Card Readings to help facilitate better self awareness and personal growth.​ Before I discovered Kinesiology I suffered from stress and anxiety, and would often struggle to collect my thoughts and to focus on one thing long enough to achieve anything.​Kinesiology was so effective in helping me overcome these obstacles that I decided to become a Kinesiologist myself so that I could help others change their lives too!  Kinesiology can help you to de-stress, re-focus and achieve your goals.​As our bodies are affected by our emotions, kinesiology is a very effective tool for healing both the body and the mind.​QualificationsAustralian Diploma of KinesiologyCertificate of Modern HypnosisMember of The Australian Kinesiology Association​​​​​​​

Welcome to Carolyn Gill Kinesiology


Card Reading & Energy Healing

My card readings are a bit different to the tradition al psychic reading.

With the help of my spirit guides, I use my pendulum and intuition to select the most appropriate cards for my clients, and also to help them interpret the cards and guide them on their journey.

I also use kinesiology to help them to work through any emotions associated with the card meanings.

There may also be an opportunity to contact loved ones who have passed over.

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