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Card Reading &      Energy Healing

With the help of my spirit guides, I use my  intuition and my pendulum to choose the most appropriate cards for my client, and also to help them to interpret them.

There  may also be the opportunity to contact loved ones who have passed over.

1 Hour session: $120

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a very useful tool for getting in touch with your intuition. I often use oracle cards in my sessions to help provide extra guidance  for my clients.



I use my pendulum to connect to the energy of both my client, and also the energy of their ones who have passed over.


House Clearing

Sometimes the energy of your home can feel a bit negative or oppressive. When this happens we often don't feel comfortable being there.

This could be caused by residual negative energy from the previous residents, or it could be from a troubled spirit who is unable to move on. 

I can help to clear your home of these unwanted energies, and restore it to a welcoming, positive place that you will love to live in.

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