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Kinesiology For Animals

Did you know that Kinesiology can help animals too?

Animals get stressed, and have emotions in much the same way that we do.

I once took one of my cats, Penny, to the vet, who commented that she was too fat. Penny was quite moody after her visit to the vet and we couldn't work out what was bothering her.

I gave her a kinesiology balance, and found that she was upset because the Vet had fat shamed her!

It just goes to show that you need to be careful what you say when your pets are within earshot!

Another example of kinesiology helping an animal, is when I was asked to help with a little dog, Sophie. Sophie was peeing on the furniture, and generally misbehaving.

It turns out that another member of the family didn't like Sophie, and would lock her out of the house when my client wasn't there. They would also yell at Sophie when they got angry.

Obviously balancing Sophie didn't change the behaviour of this person, but it did help my client work out what she could do to help Sophie.

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